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  The snow-worn & Alpine-greened land appeared merging with the whiteness of the purest of   milk as if the entire earth came flooded under milky downpour. Such was the dissolving  heavenly outburst of feelings my wife and I nourished of Gulmarg English-titled as ‘Meadow  of Flowers’.

  Its beauty insisted on stretching the horizons between “glaring fearsomeness out of respect”  and “admiration out of wonderment” pole apart.Gulmarg fetches its tribute in both physical and rational attributes. Lured by the swarthy charm of the night, the decision to experience  the thrill of the cold out in the dark of the evening amidst subzero temperature transformed  my palm hair color golden from natural black and the naked skin fell frozenly unconscious and  what supreme? – Mother Nature further seemed casting a challenge to avert us from  exploring more of mystic snowy black of her as if she was calling upon us not to approach closer, keep a distant-gaze instead. And, we heeded!


The sunny morning echoed the other side of this celestial expanse. The majestic glimmering peaks spelled to be the heritage crowns of Nature’s legacy with the silhouette leaving nearly no escape to distinction between the wandering clouds and the standstill peaky crests through the shimmering reflection of the drizzling drops at the pinnacle. The soft of the snow repeatedly preyed us down up to half our bodies after our legs dug out twice as much snow to smoothen out the necessary friction to promenade unruffled.

 In sublime awe of her, the beholding pulchritude and the dauntless love of hallowed Nature was experienced at its quintessential best by the two of us. Graced by her all of us beatifically, all she whispered in our ears was “preserve me”. It was a land alien. It was an era of privilege. It was an impossible possible. And, we were there! 

Travel Tale by Diwaker Deepak

3 thoughts on “GULMARG DALES

  1. chandra says:

    Beautiful depiction of mother nature inspired by love..

  2. prithu says:

    As mesmerizing as gulmarg is.I visited two years back

  3. travel says:

    Its wonderful

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