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6 Things to Keep in Mind if you’re a Woman Traveler in India


backpacker-womanPlanning on an all girls trip or travelling solo somewhere? Pay no head to talks about just how unsafe for woman our country is. it is a fact that a woman travelling alone has to take more precautions compared to her male counterpart. India is a great place and there are just so many places to see and travel to! Just take care of the following points and you’re good to go.


Do your Research. Travel Smart

Plan a little. I’m not saying plan your entire trip beforehand if you’re someone would rather go with the flow but look up a little. Shortlist a few hotels beforehand you might want to stay at, look up the sightseeing it offers, have a vague idea about what you can cover within the time you have and in what mode of transport. You can always Google once you reach there or ask around, people are more than helpful, but it helps if you have a rough idea about the place you’re visiting and not appear as a woman who’s easy to fool.

Dress according to the Place you’re Visiting

This is one rather important thing to remember. I’m not saying dress like a villager while you’re in village but a certain sense of ethics and code wouldn’t hurt anyone. Besides, you’ll definitely get stared at a lot more and grab unnecessary attention if you’re standing out from the crowd in your bright pink tiny shorts in the middle of a little village in freezing Himachal. Let’s get real, you’re not a Bollywood actress and you’ll enjoy a lot more if you’re trying to blend in.

Carry a Scarf/Shawl/Stole

This one is a life savior travel tip according to me. A scarf can save you from the harsh heat when it’s too sunny outside and it can save you from the cold when it gets too chilly inside the train or flight and in those times when you don’t have a sweater and jacket handy. And the best bit ? One could double it as a pillow/bed cover/blanket. Trust me, you can expect a few lapses while travelling and there could be times when you won’t be able to keep your face or head directly onto the surface you would have for the night. So for those times of need, save a scarf !

Carry a Toilet Roll

The sanitary situation at more places is just bad. Even in big cities. Do I even need to say more? It definitely helps if you have one in your bag. It’ll be of a lot of use, trust me!

Carry a Pepper Spray

Now this one is optional. I’ve travelled around a bit and honestly never felt the need to carry one, although I must admit I’ve been planning on buying one since forever. It doesn’t hurt to keep one with you, does it? I’ve never heard of any woman who’s ever actually used it but I can see why they promote it. So go ahead and buy one and use it whenever the need arises. But while you’re at it, make sure the nozzle is facing the right target and not at your own self (now, that I’ve heard a lot of).

Be rough. Be tough. But be Open.

The most important thing to keep in mind for women who’s travelling is to always wear your confidence. The only way to stop people from messing with you is to appear as someone who’s too hard to be messed with and I swear by this. Appear rough and tough but at the same time be open to things, to people. You’ll meet a lot of new people, all kinds of people. Make sure not to judge too quickly and give them a chance. The people you meet while travelling will stay in your memories for a long, long time.

So wait no more. Pack your bags, and you go, girl !


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